Where does CBD come from? The 3 most popular hemp strains used In CBD oil

The most popular hemp strains used In CBD oil

Whether you’re new to CBD or a regular user, you may not know where exactly your CBD is coming from. You can benefit from learning about the different hemp strains where CBD is extracted. 

CBD has gained major popularity in recent years. In the UK it is estimated that between 8 and 11% of UK adults use CBD. The percentage of people increase within the age of 25-29 to 15% of people that use CBD. 

People use CBD for a variety of reasons well-being, sleep, pain management and improving mental health. 

EU Hemp Strains

CBD must be extracted from a European-approved hemp strain that contains minimal THC levels to create CBD products. 

Hemp strains are usually types of cannabis plants that contain 0.3% or less THC content and are normally high in CBD. 

In the UK, Cultivators must provide information about the kind of hemp plants they are looking to grow, they need to be on the EU approved list of seed types and their THC content below 0.2%. 

The three most popular hemp strains for CBD include:

1. Futura 75

CBD content: 2.00-3.00%

THC content: <0.12%

A variety of the hemp plant that has been cultivated for many years in Europe, Futura 75 is very well known for its grand characteristics. Other than CBD and hemp flowers, this plant is usually used for extracting fibre. 

As with most hemp seeds, Futura 75 It’s not hard to grow. You can easily grow it with a high rate of success. 

This hemp strain is very popular for CBD products for its levels of CBD that can be up to 3% and levels of THC of less than 0.12%. 

For more detailed information on this particular strain, check out this data.

2. Ferimon

CBD content: 1.00-1.50%

THC content: <0.12%

Another popular choice is Ferimon. This one is highly rich in fibre and it’s particularly recommended in the northern hemisphere where it gets to display its characteristics best. 

Ferimon has lower levels of CBD content than Futura 75 with only up to 1.5% of CBD, but still remains a popular option among CBD products manufacturers because it grows faster than Futura 75. 

For more detailed information on this particular strain, check out this data.

3. Finola

CBD content: 1.00-15.00%

THC content: 0.2%

Finally, another popular EU approved hemp strain used for CBD oil is Finola. 

It is originally from Finland and has become a favourite among manufacturers of CBD products in the UK. 

Surprisingly, Finola can produce up to 15% CBD! and the THC content is 0.2% only. These facts make Finola one of the most popular hemp strains.

Also, this variety of hemp is an exceptional source of food and fibre.


Here we touched just the surface of all the 66 hemp strains that are EU approved for CBD oil. 

Unfortunately, there are many more strains that remain outside the legal limits to be harvested and used in CBD products. Many of these could even have more levels of cannabinoids like CBD. 

All of these offer options for farmers and manufacturers to choose what’s right for them as they have their own advantages and disadvantages. 

The most important legal factor for CBD products is their level of THC. As long as the levels don’t go over 0.2% of THC, the hemp strain used can be any of the approved ones. 

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