What’s the difference between CBD oil and CBD gummies?

Whats the difference between CBD oil and CBD gummies

CBD oil, which can be known as a CBD tincture, is an oil that contains cannabidiol (CBD) extract. On the other hand, CBD gummies are basically candy gummies, but they also contain CBD extract. They’re both different presentations of CBD and they can work differently depending on how you use them.

Now yes, to answer your question: the difference between CBD oil and gummies? It’s simple. The first difference is mostly in the way that you consume the product, so, what do you do with a gummy? You eat it! Like if it was a little treat.

What happens after is that the CBD goes into your digestive system, and it might take a while to have its effect (since your body has to digest the gummy first).

But how much time? It can go from 30 to 60 minutes for you to start feeling its effects.

And then, what about CBD oil? How is it different?

Well, CBD oil can be more versatile, because you could simply place the CBD oil under your tongue, but you can also use it infused into your food (let’s say you put it in a smoothie or in your favourite recipes, for example).

So what’s going to happen? That the way in which you consume CBD oil is going to make the difference.

What this means is, that if you decide to take CBD orally (like if you put it in your coffee), is going to have a similar absorption to the gummies, because is going directly to your digestive system first.

If you take CBD oil in a direct way, for example, sublingually; the effect might occur way faster, which is not possible with the gummies. But let’s be honest… who doesn’t like candy?

So in conclusion, the difference between both is mainly in the fact that they have different levels of absorption in your body, one can have a faster effect and that is going to depend on the way that you decide to use your CBD!


Knowing the difference between CBD gummies and oils makes it easy to know which one will be right for you. You can make a choice based on the ease of use, dosage and potency, rate of absorption, and flavor or taste.

However, irrespective of what you eventually choose, it is good practice to allow some time after the first dose to evaluate the effect of the product on you. Only then can you truly tell how much of it you need and how much your body can take.

Now that you know the differences and similarities between these cannabidiol products, you can now go ahead and make an order for your preferred choice.

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