What Is CBD? Can It Be Added to Coffee?

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What Is CBD? Can It Be Added to Coffee?

The chemical compound CBD or cannabidiol is getting the interest of those who want to experience the positive healing effects of THC (an active ingredient present in marijuana) without the feeling of being high on drugs. CBD can help promote a relaxing and calm feeling when distilled into oil and cooked with some edible products. The only difference is that it will spare you from psychoactive effects.

A lot have reported positive effects of taking CBD for it gives them a general sense of wellness. There are also people who use this compound to help manage pain and it does bring relief. CBD is also recommended for people who are suffering from anxiety and has been proven effective to manage certain epilepsy cases. Now, the possibility of adding CBD oil to coffee is being checked, can this be the next revolution for CBD? 

What About This CBD and Coffee Trend?

There are different ways on how your body can absorb CBD, and another convenient way that is being considered is through the coffee intake. This is actually a great idea for coffee shops and speciality shops are always up for introducing hip flavours and interesting product re-invention, but does the idea of having CBD in your coffee will be good? 

The real benefits of taking this CBD coffee is not yet clear but it sure does to these coffee shops that are benefiting from this hype brought about by CBD. Shops that are now offering CBD coffee can attest to the dramatic increase of demand since they started the launch. 

Is CBD Safe?

Talking about safety, most doctors agree that CBD has no harmful effects on our bodies. It is also backed up by research that CBD is not harmful and is actually a good source of good health benefits such as a heightened state of relaxation. It also helps in reducing pain (the source however can be from CBD itself or through its placebo effect). But in general, given all these data, there is nothing to lose in taking CBD through your coffee. 

Another important thing to keep in mind is that if you are considering buying yourself a coffee that contains CBD, there is a risk of what could happen because you don’t know what you are getting. Since CBD is not considered a drug, it is therefore not FDA approved and not regulated by the government. You can’t expect assurance for your safety from the government.  

Beware also that there are products that are claiming to have pure CBD oil in their products as they advertise, only to find out it has less CBD and may contain THC or the psychoactive that is present in cannabis. If this happens, there is a bigger chance of testing positive on a drug test when you happen to ingest it.

How to Drink CBD and Coffee

The best way to consume your CBD coffee is to order your coffee of preference and add CBD oil yourself, this way you can control the amount of CBD that you add to your coffee. But even with this approach, always do your research on the source of CBD and how to properly consume it.

Always keep in mind that CBD is popular and regulated, always be vigilant and know the source of your CBD because many will take advantage of its market demand, especially if you are getting it online. Once you receive your CBD, it is always better to consume it moderately or in small amounts first to test its effect on your body, then you can assess whether you can add a little more for each intake.

What About Truly Sustainable Coffee and CBD?

Trying out CBD coffee for the first time? For a good tasting coffee to try your CBD oil with, Paradise Mountain Organic Coffee from Thailand is what we can recommend. It is rich, flavorful, shade-grown, direct trade, sustainable, and is USDA certified organic coffee. As a matter of fact, it is tagged as the most sustainably produced coffee in the world.

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