11 Thing you need to know before buying CBD

11 things you need to know before buying CBD

With everyone talking about CBD and its many potential benefits for many different conditions and the diverse ways to take CBD, you might be eager to start getting your dose of CBD.  But with the increasing popularity, you’re more likely to find products of very low quality that don’t even offer the amount of CBD […]

CBD not working for you

CBD Not Working for You? Here Are 5 Things You Could Be Doing Wrong

If you’re reading this you’ve probably heard someone say (or have said yourself) something like  “I tried CBD once and felt nothing” “Is CBD worth it or just a scam?” “CBD doesn’t work on me” But before you swear CBD is a scam and throw your yummy CBD gummies or coffee away, you might want […]

Can CBD help with Pain

Can CBD help with pain? Find out what CBD can really do for your chronic pain

Can CBD help with pain? More and more people continue to report potential benefits from consuming this supplement.  CBD has become an extremely popular alternative for people dealing with chronic pain.  People dealing with chronic illnesses like osteoarthritis, endometriosis and fibromyalgia could benefit from the anti-inflammatory effects of CBD on the body.  Let’s break down […]

Gummie Jar White 1

Surprising Benefits Of CBD Gummies

Wanna know how CBD gummies started? Keep reading because this one is relevant. Now let’s talk about gummies. Gummy candies (those bear-shaped candies) were invented in Germany about a hundred years ago. In the 1990s, two natural foods initiated the mixing up of some vitamins in a form of gummies, this allows you to consume […]


Five Things You Didn’t Know About CBD – The Wonder Drug?

CBD has become one of the most sensationalized topics in the world, and with all the hype that surrounds it, there are still things that we need to know about this compound. CBD is derived from hemp which is one of 113 cannabinoids that is found in cannabis. Each cannabinoid, though came from the same […]