I Drank CBD Coffee for a Week. Here’s What It Did to My Anxiety


Here’s a personal experience of the effects of CBD coffee…

The use of marijuana may be legal and regulated in some states, but it is still illegal under federal law.

Cannabidiol or CBD is a compound that is derived from cannabis but doesn’t make you feel high. This can be now found in almost everything from salads to coffee.

As studies claim, CBD may be beneficial in so many ways and can treat conditions including decreasing the symptoms of anxiety. There are many ways to take CBD, from gummies or through vaping, but one unique easy way to consume is through sipping coffee.

What’s special about this CBD infused coffee is that it gives you the feeling of alertness without the extreme feeling of nervousness, says proponents, Craig Leivent, PharmD, co-owner of Flower Power Coffee Co., maker of CBD-infused coffee and edibles.

But contrary to what High Times magazine said, the idea of infusing coffee with CBD was ridiculous because CBD is known for its compound that can make you feel sleepy which can contradict the effects of caffeine in our body. 

Bonnie Goldstein, MD, who is a California-based physician who is into cannabinoid therapy, is also unsure about the idea, especially on the amount of CBD and the right temperature for coffee. According to Goldstein, there are serious medical conditions, like autoimmune disorders that need accurate dosing of CBD because it affects the efficacy in these types of conditions or illnesses. On the other hand, for individuals who intend to use CBD as an additional nutritional supplement, accurate dosing is not as important.

Goldstein also stated, there is a study that is looking at the stability of cannabis in heated drinks. The study has found that temperature affects CBD content, so when used with heated drinks, the amount of CBD to be used may vary.

But there are some people who really enjoy CBD coffee. According to Ian Ford, owner of Caffeine Underground in Brooklyn, New York, ever since he started incorporating CBD in their caffeine drinks, the business has blossomed. It really catches the heart of the market and sets the trend in no time that even Willie Nelson has launched his own CBD java.

So we decided to try the coffee for ourselves.

My 5-day CBD coffee experiment

We used CBD-infused ground coffee from Flower Power Coffee Co for this experiment. Choosing this option is based on what is more convenient for me. This brand is available in two nearby cafes in Brooklyn, they are serving and selling it in bags.

But there are a lot of CBD-infused coffee products that I would love to try as well and that includes Wellness Blend from New Hampshire-based Vera Roasting Company, which was founded by an Organic Chemistry Professor.

I have to imply a strict limit to my coffee routine daily so it is important to take note that I should only take two to three medium cups a day and should stop at 2 pm sharp.

Since I started with this experiment, I’ve been sleeping well without having to take any sleeping medications, and this is surprisingly good despite having anxiety.

Day 1: From focused at work to an unplanned afternoon nap

I’ve had my CBD latte with almond milk from Caffeine Underground in Brooklyn since it’s my rest day. I love the taste of this latte and it really goes down smooth as I take it. I haven’t tasted anything different instead of the taste of a regular almond milk latte.

In just a few minutes, I feel more focused and alert. I can’t really explain what exactly it is that I felt but it is more than just a caffeine boost.

After about 15 minutes, I felt hungry so I ordered a piece of toast with CBD-infused jam for myself but then I wish I didn’t because It suddenly gave me a headache. Then it occurred to me that It’s like I’ve had two doses back to back, I’ve had much more than what I can take. I immediately hit the couch as soon as I’m got home and rested for two straight hours. 

I do not nap on a regular basis, and having to meet deadlines in no time makes me feel anxious.

According to Goldstein, CBD can have different effects on anyone who consumes it and that CBD actually serves as a stimulant when served in low doses. That is why when I’ve had two doses, it overstimulates and makes me sleep for hours. That was my own experience, and it could be different for some. But I love it still when I’ve had my first cup, so it’s a lesson not to overdose with CBD infused products.

Day 2: Feeling alert, yet calm

For my day 2 experiment, I ordered on iced with almond milk outside the cozy Vittles Cafe in Brooklyn. There, I chatted with the owner of the Cafe and asked about CBD and its benefits for the body.

I also shared my experience when I first took CBD coffee and toast consecutively and told her I may have taken too much. She then told me to give enough spacing in taking two different CBD-infused products, I should be waiting for at least three hours in between serving.

I felt great after finishing my latte but surprisingly, I didn’t feel any discomfort, It felt calming. Now I figured what was that unexplainable feeling I had the first time I took it. To describe it, it was like having my latte with a bit of Xanax in it.

It felt like I’ve had enough to take the edge off, but still not enough to make you feel like you’ve taken a drug to make you high.

Before I leave, I decided to buy a bag of Flower Power’s Coffee so I can finish the experiment at home. I walked for about 3 miles going home because I felt energetic and alert the whole time. There is no napping for today.

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Day 3: Is drinking one regular cup of joe first the trick?

I do full time freelancing for a living and work as a producer and editor during the weekends for a large website. I only work for about 16 hours per week but I can say it’s the most intense 16 hours for me. 

As demanding as it is, I need to have a real focus.

I usually take three cups of coffee during these weekend shifts. My routine would always start with a morning coffee before I get to work.

For day 3, I decided that my second cup will be the CBD-infused one. I have no idea how it will affect me but I still tried. I had my Flower Power coffee at 9:30 for my second cup. I followed the instructions and put a 1 teaspoon and half of CBD coffee in a 6-ounce cup. 

I always prefer to have black coffee and mix it with almond or oat milk when I’m in a cafe. This time, I took a New York blend, and I loved it. It didn’t taste bad at all and there was no hint of CBD or marijuana in it.

Having two different kinds of coffee in a day makes me feel even better than yesterday. I’ve had a regular coffee for my first cup and CBD-infused coffee on my second cup and that’s what I think is the best combination. It really felt good the whole time I am working in the office.

I felt really good and alert without the headache. Caffeine really gives me palpitations at times and makes my hands shaky but for today, I feel calm. It doesn’t give me the feeling of having to rush for a deadline.

This is the first time that I only had two cups in a day during a weekend shift. After my shift, I’ve run a 6-mile in Central Park during the summer heat. In the evening, I felt really sleepy much earlier than usual. I don’t think it’s the CBD but the activity but it is something to take note of.

Day 4: Anxiety in overdrive

We are now on day 4 and today I woke up feeling refreshed. For today I’ve had two cups of regular coffee because I forgot I was supposed to drink CBD at 9am.

I took my CBD-infused coffee for my third cup and it wasn’t the best idea I supposed because I once again experienced a headache at 10:30 in the morning and I still have to endure hours of working til it’s over. I was thinking that this headache was caused by lack of sleeping and dehydration for the last week but really today was really rough.

I was able to finish my shift but It was hard as hell, I could’ve put my head on my desk and fall asleep anytime. I was worried that I was making a lot of mistakes at work, especially when I was typing words on my laptop. This is the day that my anxiety really shoots up. I felt really wrecked.

To cap the day, I spent the rest of my day watching TV and sipping wine then I got up to bed early. 

I realized then that consuming three cups of coffee is too bad for me, regular or CBD. 

Day 5: Feeling sluggish at softball

For the fifth and last day of my experiment, I’ve had one regular coffee and one CBD-infused one because this combination is the best experience that I’ve had for the last days of experimenting.

I loved the Flower Power CBD coffee, it tastes delicious and it goes down real smooth as I take it. Considering the price, it would cost $4 for each cup and it’s not an option for me.

For today, I felt really good, it’s like my body is now used to taking CBD. I can now stand the strong taste unlike the past days and It didn’t give me a headache this time nor the heavy feeling of sleepiness. I’ve accomplished a good amount of tasks today and been able to head out to my softball game.

My game went well too, I scored twice but there’s a little sluggish feeling while I’m running though, so I think this won’t be good for performance-enhancing drugs for sports.

To sum it all up, I did enjoy the coffee and considered it to be gifted to someone. But I don’t think it is something that I would prefer over a regular coffee to be consumed on a regular basis.  

When it comes to knowing the right amount of CBD may take two to few tries before you get the right dosage for you but talking to your doctor could help.

Maybe in the next trials, I will give a shot on other products like gummies, lotions, and tinctures, and see how it will affect me.

With the growing market of CBD, it’s not impossible that I’d be able to try on more CBD based products in the future and final check on what could perfectly help manage my anxiety.

Blog Source : https://www.healthline.com/health/mental-health/i-tried-it-cbd-coffee-anxiety

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