CBD Side Effects: 4 Potential Side Effects Of CBD You Need To Know


How bad are CBD side effects? Should you even be taking CBD? 

We all know that when fighting anxiety or insomnia, reducing stress, and many other things, it has been suggested that CBD is a powerful ally.

Several studies have indicated that CBD has a myriad of positive effects on people’s lives, not only physically but also facilitating emotional well-being.

The truth is that, without minimising all the amazing potential benefits that CBD has been shown to offer, it is also important that you know that it can have some secondary effects.

Yes, CBD side effects are a real thing but don’t worry, for most of these effects are not severe at all.

The 4 most common CBD side effects  

1. One of CBD side effects could be: Fatigue

Fatigue can be understood as a state that reduces your energy, making you less productive. Fatigue can also have an impact on your capacity to concentrate and on the level of motivation you have during the day.

The use of CBD can cause fatigue, this is because CBD naturally relaxes the muscles creating a very great feeling of relaxation, and you can even feel tired.

As we said, none of these side effects are severe, so you do not have to worry, this feeling of fatigue is reduced significantly eventually, as it is more common when you have contact with CBD for the first time.

2. Drowsiness

Do you know that feeling of being sleepy and lethargic? Drowsiness can be one of CBD side effects for some people, making them experience that sense of sleepiness.

It has been suggested on several occasions that CBD can be used to help reduce insomnia.

As we already mentioned, muscle relaxation is an important part of this, therefore, it is to be expected that CBD generates drowsiness and a feeling of tiredness.

It is always helpful to get plenty of rest or to get a distraction. Drowsiness is something that can be self-treated and doesn’t represent any sort of great danger for your health.

3. CBD and the change in appetite

CBD has been shown to contribute to weight loss due to changes in appetite, but these changes can actually also lead to weight gain.

Some studies have shown that the use of CBD can significantly increase appetite. In other words, the reduction or increase of appetite due to the use of CBD can vary from person to person, so research is still ongoing in this regard.

4. CBD and other medication

According to some studies, CBD side effects could be due to the interaction of CBD with other medications.

For this reason, you should always be careful when consuming CBD or any other type of medicine.

Some medications that have been proven to cause adverse effects with CBD are benzodiazepine, antipsychotic medications, likewise, antidepressant medications and also the consumption of CBD along with some harmful substances such as alcohol.

It is always recommended to take some precautions if you are going to use the great benefits of CBD, make sure that you are not making interactions with medications beforehand, this way you can prevent any negative CBD side effects.

Final thoughts

As we have mentioned on several occasions, CBD can be beneficial and have several uses that contribute greatly to people’s physical and mental health, which makes many people choose CBD as their ally when facing various health problems.

CBD side effects are possible, like any medication, but as we have already highlighted, these side effects do not endanger anyone nor are they severe irreparable health effects.

Finally, it is always advisable to continue researching the benefits of CBD and possible CBD side effects, since as we mentioned, these can vary from person to person.

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