CBD Not Working for You? Here Are 5 Things You Could Be Doing Wrong

CBD not working for you

If you’re reading this you’ve probably heard someone say (or have said yourself) something like 

“I tried CBD once and felt nothing”

“Is CBD worth it or just a scam?”

“CBD doesn’t work on me”

But before you swear CBD is a scam and throw your yummy CBD gummies or coffee away, you might want to dig deeper on why it might not be working for you. 

Many people have already begun to constantly use CBD on a daily basis for one reason or another and reporting positive results. 

Even though CBD won’t automatically solve all of your problems, research and anecdotal information show it could potentially help in the treatment of many conditions. 

If you’ve tried CBD for anxiety, chronic pain, fatigue, depression and other health conditions without seeing results, one of these elements could explain why. 

1. Are you getting real CBD? 

Where are you getting your CBD from? Are they a legitimate company? Do they have lab tests results for each of their products? 

CBD has become very popular in recent years. With increased popularity and demand, many entrepreneurs will try to take advantage and exploit this market. 

The result? poor quality CBD products made by scammers. These people are trying to take full advantage of legitimate CBD clients by selling low-quality products that aren’t labelled accurately.

Many CBD products now in the market don’t even have the right concentration of CBD!

Before you buy a new CBD product, make sure to see third party evidence of lab tests and real reviews from consumers. 

2. Unrealistic expectations 

No, CBD won’t help you mend your relationship with your ex-wife…

CBD is not a miracle cure, don’t expect it to solve all your problems. 

Some might be expecting to feel something when trying CBD, a sort of “high” as one might get from THC. 

This is not how CBD works. It could give a sense of calm and relaxation, but you’re not getting “stoned” unless you take high doses with a high concentration of THC.

Many report CBD takes away feelings of uneasiness or anxiety. Leaving you with less pain and tension. This state can be subtle especially if you are expecting to get high, but it could provide a powerful sense of wellbeing. 

3. Not giving CBD enough time

For some people, it can take a while before they start to feel the effects of CBD in their bodies.

The truth is, even though most users experience the effects of CBD on the first try, many report taking CBD for several weeks before feeling any positive effect. 

You might want to commit to taking CBD regularly to start seeing results and not just do it every other day. 

Take it slow and always taking the appropriate dose, which is in fact our next topic of discussion. 

4. Taking the wrong dose

If you’re struggling to notice any effects from CBD, it might have to do with the amount of CBD you’re taking.

Finding the right dosage can be complex. The suitable dosage varies for each individual. 

Every person has their own biology and CBD is very individual, so it will unquestionably need some trial and error before finding the right dosage. 

The best thing you can do to find the right dosage for you is to start slow and slowly build up from there

Keep a record of what you’re taking and your results until you settle for the amount that your body responds to positively. 

5. Consumption Method

CBD’s popularity has led to many people coming up with creative ways for consumption. 

Each method comes with a set of pros and cons, the best method changes from person to person as it’s not enjoyed or tolerated the same way in everyone.  

Some ways to consume CBD

  • Inhalation, smoking or vaping
  • Topical application
  • Ingestion or edibles
  • Sublingual

You might want to try a different method depending on what you’re looking to treat. 

For example, topical application can be great for muscle aches but won’t probably do much for your anxiety- though you could take a relaxing CBD massage to ease some tension and relax. 

Final thoughts 

If you’ve been doubting the results of CBD that many people report getting these days, you might want to evaluate if one of these reasons are stopping you from receiving CBD’s full potential. 

If you’re interested in trying CBD for pain, insomnia, anxiety, depression or any other reason, remember that there are several factors to consider before you buy and while you’re using it, also remember there are many ways to take CBD you just need to find the one that works for you. 

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Get real high quality and affordable CBD. 

CBD not working for you
CBD not working for you
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