Five Things You Didn’t Know About CBD – The Wonder Drug?


CBD has become one of the most sensationalized topics in the world, and with all the hype that surrounds it, there are still things that we need to know about this compound. CBD is derived from hemp which is one of 113 cannabinoids that is found in cannabis. Each cannabinoid, though came from the same origin, interacts with our body for a specific purpose and is received by a specialized receptor in our nervous system. 

This hype that comes with it has resulted in more and more research, making the demand for CBD products to grow consistently since the farm bill was passed. A bill that legalized hemp and CBD at the federal level. Since then, the market has reached impressive profits in a span of two years.

No matter how much fuss you’ve heard about CBD, there’s a great chance you’ve never heard of these five surprising facts.     

  1. Considered One Of The Fastest-Growing Industries In History: Pharmaceutical grade CBD oil is available for purchase in physical and online stores country wide. The widespread use of CBD products were made possible by the growing demand for CBD and CBD-Based products; thus tagged as the fastest-growing market in history.

It is estimated that the CBD industry has grown at around 107% per year and is forecasted to continue to perform better in the next half a decade. People are continuously discovering and loving CBD products and it is through this that researchers are finding more ways to develop this compound and search for more amazing health benefits for its consumer.  

There was a projection that the CBD industry would hit up one billion dollar in the market last year, and as expected, it had surpassed this mark and is projected to achieve 10-20 billion in the years to come. It is fortunate then that despite misinformation and stigma that has been attached to the use of CBD, people are becoming more informed and aware of what Cannabis, CBD, and Hemp really are.

  1. It Is Used To Better Manage Symptoms of Cancer Patients: Another incredible fact is that CBD has the potential to have good results in cancer patients. We all know the effects that cancer can bring to people who have this condition. It causes the cells to divide and destroys tissue which gives the person an uncomfortable and unbearable pain. Sure there are treatments available but these if not most are a lot more painful than the condition itself.    

Aside from seeing its potential to help manage painful symptoms, some studies have shown that cannabinoids, including CBD, might be helpful in slowing the growth of tumours. A study has also found out that CBD has the potential to make cancer cells become more adaptable to radiation without the risk of destroying or affecting healthy cells.    

To sum it all up, CBD has the potential to slow the growth of cancer cells, help cancer patients manage their symptoms, and prevent the healthy cells from being destroyed during radiation therapy. Though these angles are positively seen, further studies and research are needed to have these proven and approved for future use. 

  1. CBD-Based Drugs for Seizures: The Food and Drug Authority has recognized and performed researches supporting the claim that CBD is effective in treating certain conditions. A drug that is approved in the name Epidiolex is formulated using CBD. This only proves that CBD can be used as effective treatment for certain medical conditions. 

This drug is formulated to treat some severe type of epilepsy, such as Dravet Syndrome. These conditions can weaken the body and are known as a dangerous type of seizures. CBD-Based drugs may help lessen the effect and severity of seizures, bringing more comfort and helps the person manage his conditions well. 

  1. CBD Is Opening New Opportunities In Medical Research: Aside from previous studies on the good benefits of CBD to conditions like epilepsy and cancer, there are new opportunities that are being looked at involving the use of CBD. Studies are being conducted to test the effectiveness of CBD in treating or helping manage conditions like anxiety, depression, diabetes, certain skin conditions, high blood pressure, and more other conditions.

The legalization of CBD and Hemp creates more room for product development and plenty of money that could support future studies. As our bodies are made up of specialized receptors for cannabinoids, it only means that it is naturally designed to accept and process cannabinoids for a specific purpose which is to help restore health and ease difficulties that our bodies are experiencing due to our lifestyle choices. 

Another useful application of CBD is it helps in treating addiction. Opioid-based are the usual painkiller prescriptions with no alternatives and yet is also the most common cause of overdoses and deaths each year. CBD on the other hand is effective in treating and managing pain and above all it reduces the common symptoms of withdrawal and  decreases the cravings of those who are already addicted.

  1. CBD is for Children and Pets too: This may be a revelation to you but yes, you can give your pet CBD-Based products as their treat. These treats are specifically made for pets who suffer from chronic pain, inflammation, anxiety, or those who have low appetite. Your pet won’t be able to determine that their treats contain CBD because it tastes like steak, they can’t resist taking one after the other. 

CBD oil is the go-to relief for pet owners all over the country. They choose CBD oil to help their pets feel comfortable and find relief from conditions like arthritis. Studies correlating CBD oil to be of use for pets are still very few but coming from the pet owners themselves who have tried CBD oil for their pets, they can attest to the effectiveness and benefits of  CBD oil to their pets.

CBD can also be given to children. There are studies which show that CBD can be used to treat ADHD as replacement to usual stimulants. More and more parents can testify to the effects of CBD in managing hyperactivity and concentration problems with their children. But it is not suggested to immediately use or replace your child’s medication with CBD, it is still necessary to consult your doctor when considering this type of alternative medicine.   

Children with anxiety also suffer and experience chronic pain, inflammation, and anxiety. The use of CBD and the benefits that can be derived from it is expanding and span beyond human and adult use because this compound is now being developed in treating conditions for pets and children.To check for more relevant and useful guides, see CBD Fable.

As CBD is becoming more popular, expect to see future discoveries and studies that will uncover a lot of amazing benefits of CBD as more money and efforts will go to development studies of CBD. Now that CBD’s legal status has been solidified, it is easier now to invest in studies and perform clinical trials without having to think about how it can push through without being called out by the government. This is just the start of an amazing and promising future with CBD. 

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