CBD for Dogs: 4 surprising benefits for man’s best friend!

CBD for Dogs

With so many treatment options for treating the ailments that dogs deal with, people have started wondering if it’s possible that a natural medicinal product, like CBD oil, would be able to produce the same wellness benefit for your pup.

Keep reading below for some incredible benefits found in CBD for dogs!

1. CBD for Dogs helps pain relief:

Arthritis is an inflammation of the joints and is a common problem for many dogs, causing pain, discomfort and stiffness. In dogs with arthritis, cartilage within a joint (hip, elbow etc.) changes or becomes damaged, making it less smooth and causing the bones in the joint to rub together. 

This rubbing can be uncomfortable or painful and can damage the cartilage even more. As a direct result of this increased friction, new bone forms around the joint, making it stiffer and more difficult to move. 

It’s safe to say that arthritis is a horrible ailment for a pup to live with, so owners are always looking for anything to help their furry friend.

Several studies have been conducted to study the effectiveness of CBD for dogs against arthritic pain. 

A Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine study found dogs given CBD at a rate of 4.4 mg per pound twice daily for a month showed significant improvement in pain relief and quality of life.

The same study stated that some dogs were initially so decrepit that their owners considered euthanasia, but that after just days on CBD they were walking around and even climbing stairs. So it appears that CBD for dogs can help with their chronic pain. 

2. Helps with anxiety:

Dog anxiety can affect all breeds, and although it is something that all dogs experience from time to time, if disproportionate levels of anxiety are left unchecked, a dog can develop an anxiety disorder. 

If left untreated, dog anxiety can lead to behavioural and other issues.

Anxiety, and especially noise reactivity, is one of the principal reasons why dog owners seek help using CBD. 

A study from the University of Western Australia may show promise for aggressive behaviour. Shelter dogs with aggressive tendencies showed less aggression toward humans when tested after 15 days of CBD administration.

3. Helps fight seizures in dogs:

Few things are as alarming for dog owners as witnessing your pup having a seizure. There are a variety of causes for these, the most common of which is idiopathic epilepsy. 

While veterinarians are not entirely sure what causes epilepsy, there is evidence to suggest it is hereditary.

These situations can make us feel helpless and out of control, which is why dog owners that go through this have been looking for alternative treatment, like CBD for dogs. 

Lots of anecdotal reports praise CBD’s success combatting seizures in dogs, but the single controlled study didn’t deliver such exhilarating results. However, they are very promising and encouraging.

In this Colorado State University study, dogs given CBD for 12 weeks had 33% fewer seizures than those given a placebo, but it didn’t work for every dog. These researchers are now working on a larger trial using higher CBD doses for dogs. 

4. Fight cancer:

Cancer, as a leading cause of death in dogs, is a reality too many owners have to face. Sadly, many cancers have a genetic basis, meaning there isn’t much that owners can do to avoid it in their dogs.

However, cannabinoids are reported to induce cancer cell death and prevent metastasis. 

In a Cornell University study of CBD for dogs and cancer, researchers found that CBD alongside a standard chemotherapy drug reduced cancer-cell proliferation in vitro more than the chemotherapy drug alone. 

Anecdotal reports from veterinarians have claimed CBD shrunk cancer cells or put dogs into remission.

Now that you’ve seen the possible benefits that CBD for dogs can have for your furry best friend, would you be willing to try it on your dog? Let us know in the comments and share it with a dog-owner friend!

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